Fat to Fit With Team Rajdeep

Welcome and thank you for taking interest in reading my story. Some basics about our services are given below:

1. We provide custom diet plans to you. Custom diet is a diet formulated according to your lifestyle and choices. Its not a problem whether you’re a vegetarian or a non- vegetarian, we design diets both ways. You may be traveling or in a wedding or may be fasting, we adjust your diets.

2. We provide you workout charts and routines. The workout can be a home workout or a gym. We plan workouts according to your body’s needs and your targets.

3. This is not just an online diet program, its a school where we learn about so many things. We all know that you cannot hire a gym trainer or a nutritionist for life time. So, we give you knowledge about a good lifestyle through latest studies about nutrition, breaking fitness myths through our blogs and continuous interactions. We promise you the knowledge you gain will not just help you but also your family and friends. A healthy person makes everyone around him healthy.

4. Before entering into our diet programs we make sure that your pre medical conditions are known to us. A major part of customisation of diet depends on that.

With your support we promise that the results will be faster and more satisfactory because its a team game. Its about how honest and loyal you are for yourself. We are here for you as long as you are there for yourself.

In short Health Redefine team gives you

  • Nutrition Plan
  • Complete Workout Plan  (Designed as per your fitness goal)
  • Supplement suggestions
  • Health Recommendations
  • Overall health & immune system improvement
  • Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian diet plans both  (available as per your choice)
  • Fat Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle-building
  • Strength Building