After filling some important details in the first place, you will be personally contacted by us through our official email id. Thereafter, we will provide you the customised diet depending on your package and pre medical information.

Yes, these programs are completely safe.

Your pictures and health related information is asked to plan out your diet. The pictures are only asked to keep a track of your result. It is not mandatory to share pictures. It depends on your comfort. We will not share your information without your permission anywhere because we use it for you only. We ensure that the diet must be made keeping in mind your health conditions.

The amount of weight loss depends on your body’s metabolism and strictness of the diet. The results are completely guaranteed provided you follow the diet routine.

Yes, the program can be put on hold.

No, we do not refund.

No, the supplements are not mandatory because the nutritional need of your body can be met by food.

We work one on one with our clients and we prioritize this personal touch with each of them which is why every diet is customized and made keeping in mind your lifestyle.

You can lose weight without exercise. Nutrition holds 80 percent of a fit body lifestyle leaving exercise just for 15 percent and resting the 5. But, if you want to stand ahead of the crowd you need to give 100 percent to all three of them and you’ll just be perfect.

Our website is global and so is our work. There is no geographical barrier. Anyone across the world can join us.

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