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Basic Fat/Weight Loss

Our Body weight is a combination of not just fat but our muscles, organ systems, water, bones and every single thing present inside our body. We help you target the extra fat accumulation in your body with prominent weight loss.
If you are too thin or too obese and want to gain muscle with a lean physique or want go gain the weight in the right way, we make that possible to achieve with a proper customized diet.

Muscle Gain /Weight Gain


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that causes enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. In the recent years, this disease has affected almost 8 out of 10 women across the globe. With many major problems fat is also a big issue that women go through in this disease. Weight loss for these women is a little different than regular cases and we provide you the right diet for it made by our team who specialize in hormonal imbalances to lose weight.
For women it becomes very difficult to shred after pregnancy due to responsibilities and lack of time. But, it is possible if you change your regular meals with our customized meals. You can lose easily without any problem.

Post Pregnancy


Couple’s Package

If you want to go farthest, go with a team.
There is no better feeling than shredding together with your partner. That spark of mutual competition, support, motivation and celebration is the key of this package. Join together to celebrate the victory of fitness over unhealthy lifestyle.
Marriage is altogether a different phase of life and everyone want it to start perfectly. Pre-wedding is a special package designed for youngsters to achieve their fitness goals before their special day.


My Fit Kid

With less physical activities and evolution of more technologies, the children are developing a sedentary lifestyle. They spend most of their time on laptops and tabs rather than playing outside. Some good food in their bellies is the only option left to keep them healthy. This package is our personal favorite and also the most important one. We design diets keeping in mind the taste buds of your child to achieve his/her goals.
A family is everything and they are the ones who always stand with each other in all the thick and thins of life. So, there’s no better idea than changing our food habits all together. This package is designed for all the family members but the diet may vary keeping in mind the body goals and premedical conditions.

Family Package

Our Best Package cost For You and Your Family.

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12 weeks


24 weeks