Is Keto the best diet?

There is no denying fact that is Keto is the most trending diet. When you’re following Keto, you may lose a nice amount of weight but that weight drop will mostly be due to water level reduction in your body.

Keto is a diet pattern where carbohydrates are not consumed and the main emphasis is laid on fats and proteins. So, a person who has been following keto for a long time when anytime starts consuming carbs, there is a possibility that s/he may gain weight again.

Therefore losing weight with Keto is medically unhealthy for your body in a long run because for how long can someone avoid carbs. The results may be slow with other diets but they are practically possible. Keto is fine but there is no use of starving your body lifelong. There are diets where you can eat carbs too and lose all that extra unwanted fat from your body.

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