Its the first day of 2018 and I am sure we all received a bundle of new year wishing messages.

What is so new about this new year?
The days will be the same as they were and so will be your lifestyle. Your routine will be the same and so will be your eating habits until you make a firm decision. People think that overnight a change in the number of year will change their bodies. They think that just a change in the year will make them fit magically. They think that a new year will change everything that did not happen the previous year.

Being hopefull is awesome but what you need is a firm resolution to adapt it into a lifestyle.

Why not eat healthy as daily routine and not as a short term goal?
Why only go for a healthy lifestyle when you already have discovered about a new disease in your body?
Why do you have to wait for something big to happen to become health conscious?

The lifestyle has to be such that a diet doesn’t seem like a diet but a need for living.

Years will keep changing but the real celebration would be when you start with a new life my friend.
Wishing you all the best for this new life.

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